Frequently Asked Questions

The work you did was inspiring.
Edward Osborn, Director of University Relations - Eastern CT State University
Q. What do I need to do to prepare a space for photography?
A. I provide a complete checklists for both before and the day of photography shoot.
Q. How does weather affect interior photography?
A. Weather, unless unusually severe - has little effect on interior shots.
Q. Is there a best time of day for photography? Can it be done at night?
A. Interior photography can be done successfully at any time of day - or night.
Q. What does it mean that you are a “Zillow Certified Photographer”?
A. A certified photographer has has their work reviewed by Zillow professionals and have passed a quality test. They receive training in Zillow offerings and products on an ongoing basis.
There are currently less than 800 certified photographers nationwide.
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Q. Can I see examples of other photography you have done?
A. Please click here:
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